Player betting, or player props, is the most rapidly growing pre-match betting segment among online sportsbooks. Ari Lewski, founder and executive director of Digital Sports Tech (DST), provides unique insight on the how and why behind the growth of player betting. Lewski’s company has become the global leader in the segment through deals with leading operators in six regions.

Lewski had the extraordinary foresight to predict the rise of player betting back in 2013, long before it became the trend that it is today. “Player based betting is an untapped and therefore major growth area for the industry,” said Lewski. At the time, DST had just landed a deal with Coral, a leading sports betting operator in the United Kingdom and an early adopter of DST’s player bets product.

Years of close observation of the sports betting industry led Lewski to the conclusion that there was a significant gap in the market with respect to player-related betting opportunities. His experience and love for sports, stats and numbers help him conceptualize then establish the perfect platform to deliver player betting products. After a successful launch in the UK, DST partnered with a string of tier one operators across Europe.

Before long, multiple operators across Europe, Australia and Latin America had picked up DST’s Player Props product, including the Bitcoin operator, The deal with Sportsbet expanded DST’s reach globally, bringing the product into some critical Asian jurisdictions, and also as the company’s first partnership with a Bitcoin operator. Chris Uren, Head of Sportsbook at, was “seriously impressed” with Player Props, calling it the “most effective and efficient way” to customize the user experience.

During this time of rapid expansion through global betting markets, Lewski pushed DST for continued innovation, leading the company to expand upon their products and services. DST launched customizable Head-to-Head player prop betting, which significantly grew the number of available player betting markets offered through their products; followed by the launch of Quick Pick Accumulators, an automated offering that revolutionized the request-a-bet market.

Just one month after launching Head-to-Head player props Lewski found that it was one of the most common bet type across its platform. Its popularity helped to propel DST even further, picking up new operators in Australia, Europe, and Russia. “To be able to partner with the country’s largest sportsbook at such an early stage in our company’s lifespan is a testament to the value Player Props brings,” said Lewski, upon partnering with the Russian operator Fonbet.

Most recently, DST broke into the Nordic region through a deal with Coolbet. Lewski called the partnership “a landmark moment” for DST. Coolbet will offer the player betting products, along with DST’s Build Your Bet product, that allows Coolbet users to create performance and prop bets on the most popular sports in the region. Coolbet CEO Anders Karlsen was most excited about the statistics-driven tech in Player Props, noting that their customers are becoming increasingly interested in this type of product.

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