User-generated player prop betting is the latest innovation in sports betting that is trending from Mexico to Russia, and around to Australia. Within a year, industry executive Ari Lewski and his company Digital Sports Tech have put this new sports betting activity on the map via the launch of their revolutionary product, Player Props and Lewski has the secret behind its global success.

Before founding Digital Sports Tech, Lewski spent years observing trends in the sports betting industry. The result is the world’s first purpose-built betting platform for player proposition betting. From his observations, along with his prior experience in accounting and investment banking, Lewski envisioned the product that allows users to customize their own prop bets based on player statistical performance.

Lewski’s company made a significant splash on the map by simultaneously introducing their product, Player Props, in Latin America, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Australia via leading operators in these markets. Lewski found that these markets were primed for next-generation betting technology based on their high percentage of millennial punters.

Player Props found success in each of these diverse markets with a two-fold advantage: it offers options on leading global sports like American football and Soccer, along with the real-time odds and customization that allows users to create their own bets. However, the success of the Player Props global launch was not solely dependent on users – acceptance among operators was a key factor.

Lewski says the product was more than just accepted. He describes the reception in the Australian market as “a real thrill,” after signing three operators within six months of launch. Tristan Merlehan, director of the Australian operator Top Sport, called Player Props a “first class product” that penetrates “an untapped growth segment of the market.”

Lewski points to the automated design of Player Props and its easy integration as the reasons why it was so quickly adopted by operators. But these initial selling points are only part of the story. Early adopter Chris Uren, Head of Sportsbook at, described his company’s experience with Player Props as the “most effective and efficient” way to customize their user experience.

Uren went on to praise Digital Sports Tech for providing continual updates to Player Props in the form of new bet types and sports. These frequent updates expand upon the already innumerable unique markets available for users on the platform.

Lewski felt the full impact of putting a hot new product on the map when DST won Best Innovation for Player Props at the 2017 GIA Awards. According to Lewski, the heart and soul of DST’s Player Props product and betting options have been carefully crafted to attract new users and encourage industry high levels of user engagement. Keeping bettors engaged with the platform, even during the game, is the secret to Player Props success, says Lewski.

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