This week Fonbet, the largest sportsbook operator in Russia, launched their new Player Props betting product which is powered by Digital Sports Tech. It marks DST’s entrance into the Russian market, a move that required careful planning and custom product options. Ari Lewski, Executive Director of Digital Sports Ltd, reveals the secret behind DST’s successful product integration in Russia and other new markets.

“We have had our sights set on the Russian market for some time now,” said Lewski, who described how the partnership with Fonbet has long been in the works and was carefully planned from the beginning. According to Lewski, the extra effort required to facilitate a successful integration with Fonbet exemplifies the core of DST’s partnership strategy. It was nothing more or less than the company is committed to providing for each of their partners.

DST’s Player Props product is a customizable betting interface that allows users to create and customize just about any player performance bet they can imagine. Player Props comes equipped with algorithms capable of generating accurate odds in real time on a wide range of sports. Sports set to launch on Fonbet’s Player Props product include football, basketball, American football, and baseball.

The secret to the successful launch of Player Props for Fonbet users, says Lewski, is a customized product. Fonbet have designed and built a one-of-a-kind user interface that caters specifically to their target audience. DST supported Fonbet’s customised user interface build by providing translations of all teams and player names into a number of languages, including Russian.

“Fonbet have achieved the perfect balance between presenting the innovative build-your-own bet mode where users can customise their bets and the traditional browse bets section which in the first instance will be more familiar to Fonbet’s users” said Lewski. Whilst creating and customizing your own bets may be the way of the future in betting, Lewski understands that at the moment not everyone wants to build their own bet and that the transition over to this new way of betting won’t happen overnight.

According to Alexandra Sergeeva, Fonbet CMO, DST’s efforts to provide a product that was customized for easy integration made all the difference. “We’ve been very impressed by their ability to facilitate a quick and painless integration,” said Sergeeva. He went on to emphasize that the partnership provided Fonbet with a product that was ready to launch, and instantly open up a what Sergeeva expects will be a big growth area in the industry.

Creating customized products designed to fit each partnership is not easy, but Lewski says it it is the secret to DST’s success. “Customization and personalization are vital for the modern day sportsbook, and DST plans to continue adding new custom features to Player Props in the coming year.”

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