Industry executive Ari Lewski recently attended the Betting on Sports Conference (#boscon2017) in London where he discussed the rising popularity of betting on US sports and in particular the growing appeal of player props. Lewski participated in this US sports panel discussion and specifically provided the audience with insights on how and why player props as a betting segment was becoming more important for operators to not only retain users but also to attract the next generation of punters being the millennials.

Boscon was a must-attend event for members of the sports betting industry. A record number of delegates, exhibitors and top-level industry speakers attended the second edition of the Betting on Sports conference which included representatives from more than 140 operators and 100 suppliers. Lewski was one of the industry leaders selected to speak before the more than 1,200 senior executives in attendance.

Lewski’s panel talk was focused on the international appeal of United States sports. He was joined by trading consultant Jon Thompson; Redzone Sports CEO Stuart Tilly, and Mier Moses, VP of Business Development for Don Best Sports.

Lewski came to Boscon as a representative of Digital Sports Tech (DST), the market-leading supplier of player betting markets to sportsbook operators. DST has achieved this market-leading status off the back of their cutting-edge proprietary technology platform which has produced innovative industry products including Player Props, which for the first time ever allows users to customize and build their own proposition bets on player statistical performance.

In his talks, Lewski explained why Player Props are so attractive to global bettors. He sees prop betting on player statistical performance as providing users with a far more engaging betting experience. For example, he said if you place a bet on Stephen Curry to score 5 or more three-pointers in a particular game you are literally engaged in every single Golden State offensive possession hoping that Curry ends up taking a 3-point shot. This type of engagement is harder to replicate with traditional team based bets.

As Lewski also explained to the betting operators at the conference that by offering player prop markets they can significantly expand their existing offerings leading to higher turnover and profits. For example, Lewski says there are over 1.3 million unique permutations and combinations on the Player Props platform in a round of the English Premier League matches alone. That number jumps to 2.3 million in a weekend of the NFL.

For Lewski, who is a numbers person by nature, it was important to note what sets Player Props apart is it’s accurate pricing models and algorithms which have been developed and fine-tuned off the back of reviewing hundreds of thousands of real bets accepted via its clients.

Lewski shared his insights on millennial gamblers, and why they are driving the growth of the proposition betting segment. “Millennials have been growing up playing and engaging in fantasy sports and in many respects, Player Props is the intersection between fantasy sports and betting,” said Lewski.

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