The sports betting industry is rapidly evolving, and one of the people at the forefront of this evolution is Ari Lewski, an industry executive and director of Digital Sports Tech, one of the company’s that is driving innovation with new sports betting products like Player Props.

In sports betting, an industry that has been around for generations, innovation is driven by technology. Today, sports betting technology is being shaped by user engagement. The new generation of gamblers is accustomed to an instantaneous world full of options. This, says Lewski, is why player prop betting has become so popular. “It opens up a whole new world of options for betters, allowing them to wager on in-game actions in real time.”

Lewski has observed the positive impact DST’s Player Props product is having on user engagement for sportsbook operators. Player Props provides users with literally thousands of betting options which they can customize around real athletes statistical performances in their matches. These options keep bettors far more engaged during the game, focused on moments such as a successful pass or tackle, rather than waiting for a final game score outcome.

Player proposition betting is similar in many ways to daily fantasy sports (DFS). Like DFS, player props appeals to bettors who are deeply engaged with player performance. Player proposition bets are like a middle ground between sports betting and DFS, where sports fans have a chance to win based on their knowledge of their favorite teams and players, without having to build their own fantasy team.

Lewski emphasized the importance of the association between player props and DFS, noting that both forms of gambling appeal to a rapidly growing segment of highly-engaged sports fans. In just a few short years DFS has risen from obscurity to a mainstream form of gaming in the U.S. According to Jay Caspian Kang writing for The New York Times, the popularity DFS can be attributed to the feeling of community it fosters.

This feeling of a gambling community is established through engagement with the sport and with fellow fans. Lewski explains how Player Props offers fans the same level of involvement but in a different format. The Player Props platform allows users to customize bets and generate odds based on their own unique understanding of the game and of the players’ skills. These bets can be placed quickly and conveniently, for instant servings of engagement.

Lewski saw personalization, user customization, and user generation betting as essential to the evolution of sports betting. His company, DST, was the first to bring all three to the industry. These three innovations, says Lewski, are the keys to fan engagement in sports betting, which is the driving factor behind the rapid growth of DFS.

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